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MOGA Puts More Control Into Mobile Gaming

MOGA Puts More Control Into Mobile Gaming

If you're wondering what MOGA stands for, well...I don't have a clue, but it sure helps with the gaming on the cellphone (along with other fun features you've got see to believe). Plus I love the commercial!

Yes, that's right: Game On. Anywhere! MOGA is capable of hooking up your cellphone and tablets as long as there is a Bluetooth-capable connection that will accept the Moga App. Recently I obtained my new phone, going from the Motorola Droid X to the very sleek and sexy Samsung Galaxy S3.  The phone sizes are different for each phone, but both of them can fit into the holder for the controller. But with my brilliance I decided, Why bother? I bought a cover for my phone that has a pop-out stand so I can play it on the screen from a distance. That way I don't have to break my neck looking down at my phone.

The extender that holds your phone in place seems to extend about 3-3 ½ inches. If you have a really wide/tablet sized phone it's probably not going to fit, so it would be smart to get a phone cover that has the little pop-out stand (pic above). The stand is capable of holding the phone vertically or horizontal. (When I'm gaming it's always horizontal!)

So you're probably wondering what games I'm able to play on my smartphone. It did come with a couple freebies such as Pac-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. When you've gotten tired of those games -- which I know I have -- they have a few downloads that might peak your interest. First off the one that I had to download right off the bat was Grand theft Auto: Vice City (10th Year Anniversary Edition), Dead Trigger (a zombie shooter), Madden NFL 2013 (for you football nuts out there) and many many more. (Check this link to see which games work with the MOGA Controller.)

The next thing you're wondering about is how good the graphics are. Considering it's just a cellphone I do have to say they are pretty good. The graphics with the Samsung Galaxy S3 make it look better than when I was playing the original Vice City on my PS2. Some of the other games I've tried like Drift Mania Championship 2 were a bit off, but with the luck I've had most of the games have been free. Since the time I originally obtained the MOGA Controller they have added on quite a few new titles onto the game list, along with some coming soon that look interesting such as Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

The MOGA controller seems to be great with the battery power on it. The joysticks are a bit small and seem to be a little sunk into the actual face of the controller, so that can be a bit annoying at times. Because I have big hands its sometimes hard to hold, but once you get used to it you'll be gaming like your normal self in no time.

Remember: game responsibly! If you're alone have a couple beers, but if your with the girlfriend then set the controller down and pay attention to your woman or you will face their wrath. If your lover is also a gamer then share the damn controller with them!

Here's another thing for all you evil geniuses out there: see if your phone has the capabilities of HDMI or if there's an adapter to add to it. You can plug your phone into your TV or multimedia projector and play it on there. I haven't attempted it yet, but I will later!

Keep checking our website for more on the games I will be reviewing with this product! For more information, visit the official MOGA Website.

FINAL GRADE: 8.8 (out of ten)

P.S.: Enjoy the newest trailer of this great product:

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