The concept of a person hearing what everyone thinks has seen some success in the romantic comedy realm (What Women Want, anyone?), so it should be no surprise that someone in Japan would take this idea and run with it in so many directions. What I didn't count on is an anime series that reaches a sort of greatness that rivals even most American dramatic comedies. Such is the case of Kotoura-san, a show that may already be the clear winner of best comedy of 2013.


Based on a four-panel manga series by Enokizu the anime follows young Kotoura (Hisako Kanemoto), a girl who has the ability to read everyone's minds. At first she believes it's something that anyone can do, only to find herself being pushed away by her friends, teachers, and even disowned by her parents. As she starts a new school life years later, she strikes a friendship with Manabe (Jun Fukushima), who thinks her abilities are both cool and cruel; the latter, of course, because he can no longer think dirty thoughts around her. Soon she finds herself being drafted into the ESP club by schoolmates Mifune (Kana Hanazawa) and her dwarfed friend Muroto (Hiro Shimono).

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