Back in 2009 I came across an anime series called Seitokai no Ichizon (translated here as The Student Council's Discretion), which featured five students in a student council discussing their lives, opinions, and thoughts regarding the rules of their school. The series mostly took place in a single room, with almost no changes in the settings and pace of the program. Despite this Twelve Angry Men approach to animating the series, the show delivered a lot of surprising laughs, especially when it came to poking fun of itself. (Watch the first couple minutes of the first episode, and you'll see how good they do this.) Now after over three years of waiting a new season has come to fruition, and while they change the formula a bit the chuckles still keep coming at the same pace as before.

As it was in the first season The Student Council's Discretion follows Ken, Kurimu, Chizuru, Minatsu, and Mafuyu as they try to make their school life better for everyone around them, but at the same time not change any rules that would only benefit themselves. That means no harem stuff (Ken), no 24-hour sweets (Kurimu), nothing pro-sadist (Chizuru), no fight clubs (Minatsu), and absolutely no otaku lifestyles (Mafuyu). Instead of getting things done they wind up wasting their time on trivial things. What should they change about the second season to make it better? Who stole Kurimu's cake? What do they want to do after they graduate?

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