The Boston Bastard Brigade are sad to report that there will be no new Podcast episode this week due to the recent snowstorm.

King Baby Duck, Blueonic, and Teg were snowed in on Saturday, making them unable to meet up to record.

"You think we're gonna risk freezing our nuts off to do a show?!" said King Baby Duck. "No thanks, we'll take a breather."

Blueonic was seen peering from his Bomb Shelter, laughing as the tiny cars slid down the hill he resides on.

"I'm all warm and cozy in here!" exclaimed Blueonic. "Suck it, Mother Nature!"

Teg was at his computer the whole weekend, and was surprised when asked about Snowstorm Nemo.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," murmured Teg. "Oh look, a new Terraria update!"

The Boston Bastard Brigade will be back again next week, same time!

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