There are a plethora of running games out there available on mobile phones (Subway Surfers, Grim Joggers, Punch Quest, etc.), but what stands out about each of these titles is its character. Last week a new running title was released from RunWilder (the same guys who brought us the barfing buddy OzGood), bringing us a new protagonist sure to make many people laugh and cheer. His name: Burt Destruction, and he's ready to party till everything is smashed to pieces!

Burt is a regular joe who has both a Sasquatch and a dodo as roommates. However within Burt is the destruction gene, which turns Burt into a massive one-eyed muscle-man that wrecks everything that he comes across. In a secret lair high in the mountains, the Yeti, Wormenstein, and the rest of Team E.V.I.L. set out to cause the Hairpocalypse by using a powerful laser beam to make everyone in the world hairy. Only Burt and his friends from Team B.E.A.S.T. can stop the follicle-inducing fiends before the world is covered in a furry mess.

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