The big day is here, and tonight the Bastards and Issues Program crew go live to chat about Sony's huge reveal!

Join King Baby Duck, Blueonic, Issues Guy, and JC Riley as they share their pre-show thoughts on what Sony will be revealing. Then tune in for the big PlayStation Event as the guys give their commentary of what is happening during the big show! What new games will Sony unveil? Will we know the price of the PS4? AND WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LAST GUARDIAN?!?!?! These answers and more may be revealed tonight on our first-in-a-long-time live show!

It all starts tonight at around 5:45 p.m. EST time (2:45 p.m. PST)! Be a part of the fun and live comment on what's happening, and be sure to send us your questions as we go along! PLUS be sure to follow ElectricSistaHood's official Twitter for some additional commentary!

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