Music, anime, movies, games and sports! It's a big-assed smorgasbord on this new episode of the B3 show!

This week King Baby Duck gives props to the female bands on the Lady Killer Tour, promotes the local band The Battleships and looks at the recent album from Lady Killer Tour group Vanity Theft. The anime Baka & Test: Summon The Beasts is on the table, and the King is quickly reminded why he doesn't review anime without a second otaku in the room...

Blueonic and the King review the Grindhouse flick Hobo With A Shotgun, the demos for Bodycount and Fruit Ninja Kinect are looked closely at and Blueonic shares his reasons why Toy Soldiers: Cold War might be the best Xbox Live Arcade game of the year. Finally Anvil gives his weekly sports report, sharing his thoughts on what seems to be Tim Wakefield's never-ending quest for his 200th win, the Pats pre-season and the goings-on in the MMA world.

It's all here in a neat little package on Episode 108: Going Commando On The Cold War!

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