GAME REVIEW | Bug-Blasting Bullet Hell In "Mushihimesama"

It's been over ten years since the original arcade release of Mushihimesama in 2004. The game has seen multiple ports over...

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DLC REVIEW | "Saints Row IV: How The Saints Save Christmas"

Up in the sky, way yonder afar Shone a bright beacon like a big star But on closer inspection this...

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DLC REVIEW | "Saints Row IV: Enter The Dominatrix"

Back when Saints Row The Third was winning people's hearts and stealing away the title of most-fun open-world series from...

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SEASON PASS REVIEW | "Metro: Last Light"

I was wonderfully surprised by this year's release of Metro: Last Light. With its immersive world, great storytelling, and some...

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New DLC Makes "Sniper Elite" Redux Worth Revisiting

Recently the guys over at Rebellion and 505 Games released new DLC for the very well-made game Sniper Elite V2,...

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