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As the narrative of We Never Learn begins to wind down, one wonders what sort of path Nariyuki’s peers will take soon after exams. It’s clear that they all have dreams, but — in harem fashion — they all can’t

One year into the lifespan of the Game Boy Advance, its predecessor — the Game Boy Color — had one final breath of life to exhale. What came out was a Metroidvania platformer that was filled with great challenges, a

Back in 2012, Sniper Elite developers Rebellion created a video game called NeverDead. It wasn’t the best game around, but it had an interesting concept involving an immortal protagonist who could slice his body into tiny pieces and be put

How does one encapsulate everything that Dope Sagittarius brings to the table? In one moment, they can be in your face spitting truths and atrocities; the next moment, they're caressing your cheek as they put you under a spell. One

Manga author Kotoyama has quite the sweet tooth when it comes to their creations. Their previous work, Dagashi Kashi, relished on showcasing the best candy Japan had to offer, in ways that were both funny and informative. Now that Kokonotsu,

Although her entrance to the human world was one filled with greed, Kanna has become the epitome of kindness in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid franchise. While her good nature is present in Coolkyousinnjya’s main series, it’s expanded far more

Before Paru Itagaki brought us BEASTARS, she experimented with an anthropomorphic world that would’ve given birth to Legoshi, Haru, Louis, and the rest of the Cherryton Academy students. Beast Complex, set in the same world as BEASTARS, is presented as

Don't worry folks, this is a very normal episode of No Borders No Race