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MANGA REVIEW | "We Never Learn" - Volume Fifteen

MANGA REVIEW | "We Never Learn" - Volume Fifteen

As the narrative of We Never Learn begins to wind down, one wonders what sort of path Nariyuki’s peers will take soon after exams. It’s clear that they all have dreams, but — in harem fashion — they all can’t see those aspirations without their tutor in them. However, as Volume Fifteen shows, it’ll be hard to imagine life with Nariyuki if he doesn’t show up to his own exams!

The national entrance exams have finally arrived, as Nariyuki and the girls get some final studying in before the big day. However, when he stumbles on a lost dog on the way to the exam, Nariyuki finds himself in a dangerous situation. As Uruka searches for him, Ogata and Fumino worry that they will not make it back in time for the start of the tests. Thankfully, there’s a certain teacher that will come in to save the day when the time calls for it!

This volume focuses on the prelude and the aftermath of the entrance exams, as the We Never Learn crew deal with many kerfuffles throughout their pathway to college. Asumi’s need to keep her luck strong keeps getting thwarted after experience one epic win after another. Ogata’s changes both externally and internally put a focus on how much she cares for Nariyuki, as well as how better she thinks of herself. Meanwhile, Uruka’s English skills reach far better levels during an emergency, with now her and Nariyuki worrying about her traveling overseas.

Beneath the slapstick and naughty humor are genuine concerns many students face when it becomes time to head to college. Being separated from friends, family, and loved ones can be tough, especially when you’re not exactly sure of what your own future holds. Ogata, Fumino, and Uruka know all of this, and even when their hearts are yearning to tell Nariyuki how they feel, they know that it’s best to focus on what’s most important during this time: their own separate paths.

With that being said, that doesn’t mean they’ll drift apart; quite the opposite, in fact! Watching as they partake in a snowball fight, attempt to learn some stretching exercises, and even going all out in a cooking contest shows just how deep they want to keep their bonds. These of course lead to a little comedic mayhem and perverted misunderstandings, but that’s all part of the charm that author Taishi Tsutsui has crafted throughout his series.

Volume Fifteen of We Never Learn begins its pathway towards closure. With the national exams behind them and the college ones up next, the rom-com is slowly making its way towards a definite finale. Where the paths take Nariyuki, Fumino, Uruka, and Ogata remain to be seen, as one hopes they’re able to achieve their ultimate goals. Even if it ends with some disappointment in these students’ lives, We Never Learn will certainly find a way to keep it sweet, funny, and — above all — genuine.


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