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A good beat gets not just your body moving, but also the ground under your feet. The avant-garde duo of Short-Haired Domestic, made up of producer Tim Friese-Greene and his partner (and former Sidi Bou Said member) Lee Friese-Greene, like

In most magical girl anime, the heroines become as tightly knit as a family. They bear responsibilities, fight epic battles, and confide in ways that make their friendships go one step further. So it’s somewhat surprising that the concept of

WARNING: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS It can be hard to know when to cling to childlike fantasies and to start realizing it’s time to mature. Some folks like to take their fantasies and use them as a defense mechanism, sometimes

It's been a bit since Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes released for the Nintendo Switch. One did have to wonder if the game would make it to other platforms. Finally, a few months afterward, it's finally happened. But the result

After celebrating the return of the Wicked Anime Podcast, King Baby Duck dives into three Spring 2020 anime that are now airing on Funimation. Is Kakushigoto as hilarious as the creator's past works? Does Gal & Dino go down a

The first Cat Quest was a cute-yet-simple action RPG. There were lots of cat puns, loot, and a game where most of the action takes place on the world map. But like most things, the game could have stood to

To follow up an iconic series with something new puts pressure on even the most well-respected of creators. Perhaps this is why Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto wished to try his hand a little something different for his next series. Where