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October 2019

After revealing that he's relearning Japanese at a local establishment, King Baby Duck praises Sturgill Simpson for his Netflix anime film Sound & Fury. Takashi Miike unleashes his latest movie First Love, which may be one of the filmmaker's best work in his

The reaction was split when Babymetal first arrived from Japan to the Western world. Some called them revolutionary, others a sad attempt to make metal seem adorable. And yet, despite the haters on the other side, Babymetal have persevered. Their

If one wants to experience a roller coaster ride of storytelling, then look no further than NISIOISIN’s Monogatari series. Filled with darkness, humor, lovable & unlikable characters, and some brain-bashing plot twists, the original light novel series is one that’s

When you see a storm brewing over the Los Angeles cityscape, odds are it's not the work of Mother Nature. Nay, the rain that's about to pour on the heads of the Hollywood Elite is more than likely caused by the

Late-night anime block noitaminA has been on quite the roll as of late when it comes to LGBT-friendly stories. With last Spring’s Sarazanmai, the well-respected program has demonstrated that there is room to showcase well-rounded gay characters without having to

Can a bad man leave his shady past behind for a life with a beloved? In some cases, yakuza and mafia stories tend to balance between one’s immediate family and the crime family. But has there ever been a tale

In the past, Tony Valente snuck in some modern-day issues within the fantasy realm of RADIANT. With its seventh volume, the problems of today are shoved right into the face of its readers, with no sugar-coating whatsoever. The biggest surprise:

Lovesick nurses, monsters invading grade school, and the continuing adventures of a ninja village leader's son is what dropping like autumn leaves this October from Viz Media! View the list below to see what they have coming our way: An Incurable

After announcing Wicked Anime's hiatus, King Baby Duck takes a look at Shinichiro Watanabe's new anime series Carole & Tuesday. Matt Groening's Disenchantment returns, with its laughs far stronger than the previous season. Finally, after years of waiting, Kamen no

Have you ever had a sinking feeling that a story was going to go down a very bad route? Since I started reading Hitomi Takano’s My Boy, I kept getting this cringe-inducing sensation deep down in my gut. Throughout its