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January 2019

There's a deep dark secret about video game journalists: we're not always great at the video games we all play! And for the first time in probably any format, the truth will become apparent! Join King Baby Duck and his

Ask any longtime anime and manga fan about the rise of the tsundere character, and most of them would point out Urusei Yatsura bombshell Lum as its starting point. Rumiko Takahashi's story of the unlucky (and perverted) Ataru and his run-in

To paraphrase a famous Philip K. Dick title, do punks dream of electric sheep? If Crooked Ghost's latest album Skeleton House is anything to go by, the answer is a definite yes! Starting as an acoustic side-project of frontman Ray Clark,

Anime Boston 2019 is wasting no time with announcing its lineup, with Tara Jayne Sands unveiled as the convention's second North American guest. In the original English Pokémon TV series, Sands voiced nearly 50 characters, including Bulbasaur, Richie, Jasmine, Oddish, and Tori.

It seems odd on paper at first. Take the creators of Akame ga Kill! and YuruYuri, and have them concoct a series together. The team-up of Takahiro and Namori has led towards the creation of Release The Spyce, a new

With Anime Boston 2019 just a couple of months away, it is high time that some guest announcements should start to trickle out. And with some manly poses and shinobi action to boot, Anime Boston has unveiled its first American Guest

Wicked Anime's annual Wickies awards show has come & gone, and King Baby Duck taps it off with a showcase of some of anime's best and most memorable openings and ending theme songs of 2018! From cute girls camping and dragon

Manga is a beautiful art form, as it dives both into the realms of fantasy and reality in ways that are both imaginative and relatable. 2018’s new batch of manga titles in the U.S. were able to deliver on both

Yes, it's Wednesday. What can we say? Shameless Tuesdays likes to party hard, especially during the end of the year. And when we like to cool down at the afterparty, we look towards Sweden to find the most chill sounds