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It's been a while since the 3DS version of The Alliance Alive came out, so it's nice to see the game migrate to other platforms, allowing more players to try the game out. Not everyone has a 3DS or like

February is for lovers and American leaders, but for Section23 Films it's all about high-flying heroes, chefs-in-training, and two galaxy-loving bros! Here's what's coming up from Sentai Filmworks and co. for February 2020! Anime fans can hit the blue skies on February 4th

After getting excited about this weekend's Anime NYC, King Baby Duck professes his love for the animated pilot of Hazbin Hotel! But things get a little explosive when AFLM and JonStar of Wicked Anime invade, as they talk about the

Taking Fujio Akatsuka’s classic manga series Osomatsu-kun and aging the sextuplets seemed like a gamble at the time, and it initially appeared that it wouldn’t be a success. Mr. Osomatsu had a very bumpy first cour, with an unsure identity

My Hero Academia is a vast world, which is why I’m thankful that this Vigilantes spinoff exists. It gives readers the opportunity to witness a world that — while still colorful — has a defining shade of gray alongside it.

Are you mad? You sure got a mad vibe coming off of you. See, even when you’re smiling like that, I still feel like you’re angry about something. No, that sparkling look in your pupils is certainly hiding something rage-inducing.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! is something special. The isekai adventure with Kazuma (Jun Fukushima), Aqua (Sora Amamiya), Megumin (Rie Takahashi), and Darkness (Ai Kayano) isn’t just one of the funniest anime comedies of the decade; it also

I’ve watched enough Grey’s Anatomy to know that romance and doctors normally don’t mix well. (Okay, I’ve only seen the commercials, but you get the entire plot of the show just by watching those!) So of course someone in the

Those who have read my countless reviews of Riichiro Inagaki and BOICHI’s manga series Dr. STONE will know that I hold that series with the highest of regards. Every chapter and twist that is thrown my way has wowed and