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August 2019

Going from the countryside to the big city can be quite jarring. Just ask Susume Yosano, the main focus in Mika Yamamori’s manga series Daytime Shooting Star. As her simple life is tossed aside for a new start in Tokyo,

Within Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is the opportunity to shine a light on the unsung men & women of justice. Hideyuki Furuhashi has kept to the spirit of Deku & All Might’s mantras with his take on the unlicensed

It's been a long time since Bloodstained was Kickstarted in 2015. Despite several delays and a troubled development cycle that saw the Wii U and Vita ports get dropped, the game is finally out. And I can tell you: it

The garden where the Spring 2019 anime season resided had its fair share of beautiful roses, nice-looking dandelions, and even the occasional weed or two. Let’s take a look at some of this past season’s selections, and see which deserve

WARNING: While the following article is safe-for-work, the manga discussed is unsuitable for readers under the age of 18. It truly was a treat to get my hands on Candy Color Paradox by Isaku Natsume, a mangaka I hold in very high regard.

While there are plenty of Western developed shoot-em-ups (shmups) coming out these days, it's still pretty rare that many of them boast high production values. In comes Pawarumi, a French-developed game that takes many of inspiration from the great STG's

What if No Borders No Race was around back in the 1960s? What sort of sound & style would hit the airwaves? In a special podcast show, King Baby Duck turns back the clock to present the ultimate summer of love

From Fullmetal Alchemist to Attack on Titan, almost every popular shonen manga franchise has been given its own parody series. So it seems natural that the iconic My Hero Academia would be given such a spinoff, in the form of

Can a manga with a very confusing plot still find a way to be a good read? I found myself asking this question as I turned the final page of the massive Master Edition of Knights of Sidonia’s second volume.