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June 2019

The Boston Bastard Brigade, Anime News Network, Japan Society of Boston, Anime Herald, and WEBN.TV sat down with renowned video game and anime composer Yoko Shimomura at this year's Anime Boston! Hear about how gaming compositions have changed over the

It's been a long time since I've played a really terrible visual novel. One could hope that one could avoid such a fate. But sometimes you can be drawn into something that seems interesting at first glance. That's when you play

Anime Expo is but a month away, and VIZ Media is bringing a couple of notable names along to make this year's event extra special! Famed manga creator Bisco Hatori has been announced as an official Guest of Honor at Anime

King Baby Duck once again laments (and bickers) about not going to this year's E3, before showcasing why Atari and Intellivision should be looked closely at for their upcoming console launches. A good rom-com like Always Be My Maybe can't

The level of sheer genius that both Riichiro Inagaki and BOICHI have reached with Dr. STONE has gone beyond any sort of expectations. In one instance, you’ll be cheering on Senku and the gang after every moment of scientific breakthrough;

VIZ Media announces Cat Lady, a new feline-flavored supernatural action game. Currently in production by Rose City Games, the game is set to be published by VIZ Media as part of an ongoing partnership between the companies to develop, produce and

It's been a few years since the original release of Trails of Cold Steel II hit the PS3 and Vita, and about a year ago since it launched on Steam. Much like the PC release of the first game though,

The Khmer Rouge revolution is one of the most devastating moments in 20th century Asian history. Not only did many Cambodians lose lives, homes, and their most treasured possessions, but an entire culture simply vanished in the blink of an

The cult classic Akira has been in the news again as of late, especially with the announcement of director Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, Thor: Ragnarok) helming the live-action remake for a 2021 release. Now, the mastermind

They may have nothing to do with NASCAR, but the NYC-based rock band Earnhardt is geared to race into the hearts of those looking for some killer Southern-influenced rock 'n' roll! Their self-titled album hits stores everywhere on June 14th,