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March 2018

Grab your favorite time traveler and rock out with your tea-loving bandmates, as Anime Boston 2018 has announced that Stephanie Sheh will be joining the guest ranks this Spring! A voice actress, voice director, ADR writer, and casting director, Sheh was

I'll be blunt: all I really need to say is that the creator of nichijou is back with a new series, and you readers will more than likely rush out and grab it. After all, Keiichi Arawi has been considered

The classic tales of Cinderella, The Little Match Girl, Snow White, and just about every story with a Prince Charming attached to it have been revamped, redone, and reimagined in every way possible. From Disney classics and Stephen Sondheim musicals

Anime Boston is about to go Plus Ultra, with the announcement of My Hero Academia cast members Justin Briner and Clifford Chapin joining this year's foray! Based out of Dallas, actor and singer Justin Briner is known primarily for his work

After revealing some exciting news about Anime Boston, King Baby Duck revisits the anime K-On!, and realizes his initial thoughts on the show weren't on the dot. Crunchyroll's Anime Awards delivers a couple surprise winners in a sea of My

Anime Boston is seeking out the ultimate treasure with a Gundam in tow, with veteran voice actor Kazuki Yao joining the guest ranks for this Spring's convention! A veteran voice actor for three decades, Kazuki Yao’s lengthy list of credits include Franky and

Since 1985, the Saint Seiya series has held onto its popularity in Japan thanks to the plethora of anime adaptations, spin-offs, light novels, musicals, and video games released in its stead. Although the original series had a quick run on

Rarely has a manga left me feeling conflicted about the events being unfolded quite like The Flowers of Evil. On one hand is the tale of adolescence revolting against the boring norm, but on the other