No Borders No Race returns to its regular format, as King Baby Duck shares his two cents on the latest Death Note movie casting news and his experience with Pokémon Go. A bold reason for why Star Trek Beyond was the best out of the recent reboot series is revealed, and our host pleads his case for why rail shooters deserve a comeback in the gaming realm.


  1. Nana Mizuki - STARTING NOW! (CD single)
  2. Asakusa Jinta - Rakuyo (from the compilation album Asakusa Jinta) [out of print]
  3. case/lang/veirs - Song for Judee (from the album case/lang/veirs)
  4. 12012 - SYSTEM [O] DOWN (from the album mar maroon[out of print]
  5. Shonen Knife - Green Tangerine (from the album Adventure)
  6. Iggy Pop - American Valhalla (from the album Post Pop Depression)
  7. Guitar Wolf - Nessie Moon (from the album T-Rex from a Tiny Space Yojouhan)
  8. Perfume - Pick Me Up (from the album Cosmic Explorer)
  9. Captain Dan And The Scurvy Crew - It's All About the Booty (from the album Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariners)
  10. SCANDAL - Kon'ya wa Pizza Party (from the album YELLOW)
  11. Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Blood Circulator (digital single)

Plundering booty with its pheromone shot, it's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-San-Juu-Kyu!

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