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Square Enix Brings Quite The "Conundrum" To PAX East

Square Enix Brings Quite The "Conundrum" To PAX East

Fans of Portal may rejoice, as lead designer Kim Swift may just be topping herself with the latest puzzle title Quantum Conundrum, developed by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix.

In Quantum Conundrum players must solve various puzzles using five of the different dimensions that are used throughout the game. In the demo we were given the chance to test out three of the different dimensions. The first, Fluffy, made everything soft enough to pick up and toss around. The second, Heavy, made everything weighted for usage on certain buttoned platforms. Finally, Slow-motion made everything around you decrease in speed to a crawl. All these methods come useful during specific puzzles, with some situations calling for all to be used during the procedures. During the trial we were given various puzzles that involved throwing furniture, positioning drinking birds, blocking lasers, and jumping on and off flying objects at the precise moment. Needless to say there were may times I kicked the bucket during the gameplay.

Quantum Conundrum features a sort of unique humor that fans of Swift's past puzzle game will enjoy from its narrator Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, although it is more innocent and -- dare, I say -- cute than the sarcastic stylings of GlaDOS. (His yearning for more keytars had all of us laughing.) Gamers will also be happy to find hidden easter eggs throughout the game. One great example is how the paintings in each room change depending on which dimension you have it set on. Its cartoonish look also adds to the humor, making it more friendly to players of all ages.

With a release date for sometime this summer, players can expect a run time of 6-12 hours in Quantum Conundrum. Players will also be able to compete on leaderboards to see who can beat the game in the shortest amount of time. With many different puzzles and unique ways to solve them you can bet that Quantum Conundrum will leave players with brains worked and funny bones tickled throughout.

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