May 2010

For the most part Dragon Ball video games that have been coming out have been either mediocre fighters (the Budokai Tenkaichi series) or poor adventure games (PS2’s Infinite World). To fix this and hopefully bring back the sanctity of the Dragon Ball name, developer Media Vision decided to go back (way back) to the start of it all: the beloved first series. The main question is: Were they able to create a game that is as good and wholesome as the original anime?

If Wll Forte offers you some vegetables, kindly decline them.

It has been over a year since I've had any involvement with King Baby Duck and Blueonic, but as time as gone by the pang of not putting out good music for the masses has become too strong. And here I am not as "Codename Brad," but as Leraine (or "Rain" for short). For those of you who don't know me I'm currently a Sophmore/Junior at Salem State College, and will be reviewing mostly books/music/manga. Of course I'll be taking request on what books and music I should review or may like and post up a review. Today we'll look at OK Go's recent album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

If your want some really good rap music that will blow your mind, here it is.

It is said that repeating certain words three times can conjure up bad luck. “Candyman” leads to murder, “Beetlejuice” brings forth dangerous mischief, and “Biggie Smalls” makes the soul of an overrated deceased rapper appear. One other word can now be added to that list: “World.” By repeating this word three times, a much uninspired album will be bestowed upon an unlucky band. In 2008 it happened with Asian Kung-Fu Generation.  This time the victim is Orange Range, and wow is it vomit-inducing!

The Bastards are a bunch of Merrymen. Just don't ask them to wear tights.

In 2009, after spending the last three years working with the Raconteurs, Brendan Benson returned with his fourth solo album.

On their sophomore album My Paper Kingdom, Eyeshine takes the listeners through a place where a changing world can cause turmoil on any struggling musician. Where the failures of the present meet are where Johnny Yong Bosch and company tend to discover their biggest strengths.

One of these movie reviews is a fake. Guess which one, and we'll give you a coupon good for free ice cream. (Ice cream coupon not guaranteed.)