GAME REVIEW | A Detective's Side Story Awaits In Fourth "Higurashi" Chapter

The fourth chapter of the Higurashi story marks the end to the Question Arc, and works more as a bridge to...

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GAME REVIEW | Everything Goes To Hell In Third "Higurashi" Chapter

The ball seems to be rolling for the Higurashi series, as it didn't take very long for Chapter Three to release...

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GAME REVIEW | The Mystery of Sonozaki Revealed In Second "Higurashi"

It's been about a year since MangaGamer released Chapter One of Higurashi ~ When They Cry ~ Onikakushi. Thankfull, it didn't take...

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Requiem for Cicadas In First "When They Cry" Chapter

Originally released as doujinshi visual novel back in 2003, Higurashi was successful enough that it reached acclaimed status, getting several...

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