Bloom Into You


ANIME REVIEW | "Bloom Into You" Finds One’s True Self

Imagine being pressured into becoming something you’re not. Despite your internal conflicts, the world around you forces you to transform...

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Brittney Karbowski Announced As Second American Guest For Anime Boston 2020

Making her first appearance at Anime Boston 2020, voice actor Brittney Karbowski has been announced as the second North American guest...

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Section23 Films Announces December 2019 Release Dates

December means Christmas trees, menorahs, and whatever it is that Kwanzaa has scattered all throughout the globe. But when it...

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MANGA REVIEW | "Bloom Into You" - Volume Two

One could guess where Nakatani Nio wants to go with their yuri series Bloom Into You, even if it takes...

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MANGA REVIEW | "Bloom Into You" - Volume One

The yuri genre can be kind of tricky to write for. While there have been many stories in the past that...

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