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KBD's Top 20 Albums Of 2012!

2012 has come and gone. There may have been no Mayan apocalypse, but with so many musicians pulling out their...

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Episode CLXVII: Fruit Fuckers Anonymous

As we are closing off 2012 and entering the new year, it would be wise to mention that we do...

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Episode CLXVI: Edward Norton Controls The World!

It's a two-part best of 2012 bonanza, and the Bastards invite a few good friends to chime in what's gold...

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KBD's Top 20 Albums of 2011 (Part Two)

After seeing what was on the first part of the list, which albums have made it to this year's Top...

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KBD's Top 20 Albums of 2010: Part Two (of Two)

It's now time for me to reveal my picks for my top ten albums of 2010. (Those who haven't been...

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