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GAME REVEW | Wheel of Fate Turns Ever So Slightly In "Blazblue: Central Fiction"

Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Extend released on the PC awhile ago, and its successor Central Fiction followed a few months back. After...

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GAME REVIEW | Updated Revelations Await in Latest "Guilty Gear Xrd"

Even though this review is a bit late, it is quite timely for the upcoming PC release of Guilty Gear...

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GAME REVIEW | Short & Sweet Mystery Novel Awaits Via An Interesting "Chase"

Developer Xing dissolved many years ago after good but under-performing games like Hotel Dusk, Trace Memory, Another Code R, and...

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GAME REVIEW | Ninja Puzzle-Solving Action In "Ninja Usagimaru"

Aksys Games has been publishing a handful of small indie games and the like all this year, and one game...

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GAME REVIEW | With "Zero Time," A Deadly Decision Awaits

It's been a long time since the Zero Escape series got another entry, and gamers were almost convinced that it...

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Full BIT.TRIP Series Coming To Wii, 3DS

The complete adventures of CommanderVideo are coming to a retail store nearest you, and he's bringing a bunch of goodies...

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