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Okay I'm going off the list from Game Stop here, but there are five games out of the nine that really appealed to me as ones that, if I had the money, I would buy.

Rayman has been kicked to the curb in the recent game in the "Raving Rabbids" series, and thus far the furry little bastards appear to be capable of holding a game on their own.


I have just gotten the game PURE, and I have to say I'm impressed with the set up they give you.

After two long years Wii owners finally can play one the best shooters of all-time.  Was it worth the wait?

The 80's belonged to Mario, the 90's to Sonic.  Ten years, thousands of games, but only one character can truly be the most memorable.


All right, point me to the person who messed up this game.  I’m sorry, but this is upsetting to me.  I have had the other MX vs. ATV, and this one has to be the worse.  They made such simple controls on the game even crappier.


When this demo ended up on the list for Xbox 360, all I could say is “W.T.F. is this!!!” Well seeing that “Jurassic” is in the title, I thought it was a game that came out of nowhere for “Jurassic Park”; but nope I was wrong.  It’s just random-ass game of a protection of your character in a FPS (first-person shooter), mindlessly killing dinosaurs that keep coming after you and tearing down barricades.  You start off with a simple pistol, but like I said they have a Gatling gun.


The demo that I found for this game was awesome, but apparently Xbox made a mistake of putting it up on the demo’s, so I downloaded just for you the readers.


Seeing that I finally have a break from the thing called college, I’m able to bring you this game demo of “Tropico 3.”


After the release of “Resident Evil 5” on the 360 and PS3, it should’ve been no time at all (or, rather, eight months after) when the Wii would finally get its Evil on this year.  Here it arrives in the form of “The Darkside Chronicles,” the sequel to the 2007 semi-hit “The Umbrella Chronicles.”