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"Two Worlds" Sequel Almost Ready For Exploration

"Two Worlds" Sequel Almost Ready For Exploration

It's a fact that the first Two Worlds bombed; even the developers admitted that during this past year's PAX East. (Their words to Blueonic & I went something like, "They liked it in Germany.") With heavy RPG competition from the likes of Square-Enix and 2K Games (not to mention the multiple bugs in the actual game) the original title was pushed from the wayside, and nearly forgotten by gamers and critics alike. As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again," and the folks at Reality Pump, TopWare Interactive and SouthPeak Entertainment went back to the drawing board to figure out how to redo the series. With the release of Two Worlds II near the horizon it's safe to say that they've went above and beyond to create one eye-catching RPG.

Having to start from scratch isn't easy, though in the case of Two Worlds II it was the right move to make in order to create the sort of RPG that almost anyone would want to play. Watching the trailer (see below) it appears that Reality Pump not only did their job, but also managed to developed a title that will take players and critics by surprise. Of course that is just an FMV, so what about the actual gameplay graphics? Don't fret: Two Worlds II looks absolutely gorgeous. From watching two titans clash with one another to even the most simple of cape-flaying from a black knight the fine details placed in the game might actually help TopWare become a top dog in the gaming industry.

Of course a game can't just be good-looking to be considered a great title, and fortunately Two Worlds II just doesn't stop there. The gameplay aspect of the RPG manages to be filled with various fun tasks, from fighting knights and going on quests to killing animals for food. As always there's character customization, which doesn't halt at just the character itself. Players will also be able to combine pieces of armor from one another to help create the ultimate fighting machine, and to top it all up you'll be able to create spells by using up to six different power cards to defeat enemies. How it will be controlled is still unknown in the US, though considering the vast amounts of high praise of the game in Europe (as it's been out there since November, already selling over a million copies) there might be little to worry about in that department.

With the vast amounts of weapon and spell combinations, along with the many quests and mini-games, Two Worlds II is looking to be quite the heavy-hitter for the start of 2011. With its release date coming to our shores (January 25, 2011 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) it's clear that TopWare, Reality Pump and SouthPeak have done everything they could to make sure they had a winner in their hands. In any case it'll at least be better than the last couple Final Fantasy games. (Yes, we had to go there.) Here's hoping that Two Worlds II has enough challenges with cool little strategies to keep gamers and critics coming back for more during the next calendar year.

Those who pre-order Two Worlds II from any authorized store (i.e. Gamestop) will have an extra $10 taken off the price tag, and will also receive a free "YEAH, I LIKE TO KILL!” t-shirt. Hey, a free t-shirt is never a bad thing.

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