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Awhile back, I attended a taping of All Elite Wrestling. For four hours, I was presented with amazing action, fun spectacles, and pretty much got my money’s worth. However, even with all of that excitement, it left me exhausted. Despite

BELLE opens in the US today (which you can read our full review here), and King Baby Duck sits down with its legendary writer & director Mamoru Hosoda. Joined by Honey's Anime, Anime Trending, and Asia Pacific Arts, Hosoda reveals

In the cuisine critics realm, there are two kinds of people. First you have your foodies, the ones who basically brag about all of the different kinds of meals they have while putting flare over respectable taste. Then you have

Bringing a Showa-based comedy to the modern day can be a gamble at times, especially with the way humor has evolved since that time. The first season of Mr. Osomatsu struggled with this in its first half, with its comedy

Now with Japan all taken care of, King Baby Duck sets his sights on the rest of the world in his final 2021 best-of show! From metal legends and party kings to one-man bands and fiery brooders, our list this

For years, Mamoru Hosoda has been seen as the king of animation. His work on films like Summer Wars, Wolf Children, and Mirai have not only resulted in some beautiful storytelling, but also the most real human emotion brought to

What began as a tale between teaser and target has evolved into one of the greatest rom-coms in the last few years. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro may have started off on a pretty mean path, but the titular

Forty years ago, the arcade scene was first introduced to Centipede. The Atari shooter had a pretty simple premise: kill the bug. Hit the body, and get ten points; shoot the head, and you’ll earn a hundred. If you’re not

From Tiger Mask to Kinnikuman, wrestling has played a major influence in anime & manga. It’s why it feels appropriate that New Japan Pro-Wrestling is at Anime NYC, as the organization gave fans a look at their upcoming mobile game

According to Shonen Jump rules, heroes must have some kind of break after an epic battle. Denji is one guy who desperately needs one. After having his heart broken in Volume Six, the hero of Chainsaw Man rightfully deserves some