Wicked Anime may be going on a hiatus once more, but No Borders No Race is still chugging along. And speaking of things that chug along, King Baby Duck takes a look at the Cartoon Network/HBO MAX series Infinity Train, as well as the Netflix Japanese drama The Naked Director. Plus, on this week's A Bastard's Soapbox, our host addresses just how great things can be ruined by a creator's words and actions.

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. chelmico - Iruyo (from the album maze)
  2. GIRLFRIEND - High up High (from the album HOUSE)
  3. Mark Lanegan - Stockholm City Blues (from the album Straight Songs of Sorrow)
  4. BUCK-TICK - MOONLIGHT ESCAPE (digital single)
  5. the peggies - Centimeter (digital single)
  6. subcult - Suffocating (digital single)
  7. DooVee Dovers - Gyaan!!! (from the album Gyaan!!!)
  8. Rude-α - Life (from the album 23)
  9. The Persian Leaps - Lost Cause (from the Smiling Lessons EP) [in stores September 18th]
  10. Minori Suzuki - Tsukiyo no Yume (from the album JO MINO)
  11. LiSA - Makoto Shiyaka (digital single)
  12. Avatar - Scream Until You Wake (from the album Hunter Gatherer)
  13. FLOWER FLOWER - Cindy (from the "Hanauta" single)

Jump aboard and get your number down! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Ni-Hyaku-Go-Juu-San!

Opening theme: "The S.S. Shitstorm" by the_Stampede (from the album A Marvel of Idiocy)

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