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February 2020

Just when you think Riichiro Inagaki and BOICHI have run out of ideas for Dr. STONE, a new source of imagination pops up out of the blue. With the Stone Wars now winding down, it’s becoming apparent that the fight

Behind a cigarette-stained piano and beer-stenched microphone sits Harry Stafford, who stares at his audience like it's filled with all of his ex-lovers. A visitor of John Peel's many times over with his band Inca Babies, Stafford felt that he had

The best sister of 2019 is eying her home turf, as Anime Boston 2020 has announced that voice actress Abby Trott will be a guest at the annual convention! A native of Attleboro, MA, Abby is perhaps best known for portraying Nezuko

BEASTARS is — pardon the pun — a whole ‘nother animal within the manga scene. Despite its anthropomorphic characters, it says much more about the human mentality than most other comics out there. From dealing with class struggles to the

There’s a sheer level of brilliance within Kosuke Oono’s The Way of the Househusband. The tale of a retired yakuza member living his life in a happy marriage finds ways to take one joke, and pull out new punchlines every

The one who protects Nezuko and learns from the strongest superhero around is heading to Anime Boston, as the annual convention welcomes voice actor Zach Aguilar! A young talent in the industry, Zach Aguilar is known for being a vocal chameleon. His

Soon after trying his Japanese cussing skills, King Baby Duck turns back the clock to the Great War, as he witnesses the new film 1917. Netflix's new series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts dazzles with its storytelling and character development. Finally,