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King Baby Duck chats with Adam Sheehan, the Director of Events over at Crunchyroll at last month's Anime Boston! Hear about his favorite picks, which anime he felt resonated with fans in 2018, and what's in store for its Crunchyroll Games

Devolver Digital has been keeping on with maintaining a strong lineup of games this year, and the latest to come out of the publisher is Askiisoft's Katana ZERO. Taking cues from Ronin, Mark of the Ninja, and any given samurai

Hackers, giant robots, and wannabe filmmakers are helping to heat up the August weather, thanks in part to Section23 Films' monthly lineup! The releases start off on August 6th, with Maiden Japan's BPS: Battle Programmer Shirase. What is it that passes

After diving into what he loves about the visual novel VA-11 HALL-A, King Baby Duck gives high praise for Hollywood for finally making a proper video game-based movie with Pokémon: Detective Pikachu! The music world is showing more signs of listeners

2017's Saga of Tanya the Evil took me by surprise when it first aired. The tale of a mean-spirited Japanese salaryman forced into another world as a young Germanian girl should have had red flags all over it. Instead, the

In the world of visual novels, it's hard to come up with ideas to make oneself have their own story stand out from so many others. The premise of PUNCH LINE tries to take a less familiar approach of combining interactive gameplay

The Boston Bastard Brigade, Toonami Faithful, The Geekly Grind, and KeenGamer chat with voice actress Kara Edwards at this year's Anime Boston! Hear about growing with the Dragon Ball characters of Videl and Goten, how anime's fandom has evolved into

Anime Boston 2019's attendees demonstrated a plethora of talent & craft when it came to their cosplays. From anime and gaming to even some Western cartoons, the con-goers showcased their love for many a character with their unique designs. With his

The proper way to do a harem comedy isn't to just have everyone be in love with the protagonist; it's with proper building of feelings and relationships that lead to story-writing gold. It's because of this key factor that makes

There have been plenty of adventure games and visual novels that are about a protagonist that tell the narrative from their perspective, but very rarely has there been one from another character's. It's especially different when that character is you,