King Baby Duck welcomes to the show Witch Beam's Sanatana Mishra, whose game Assault Android Cactus is making waves at various gaming events and on Steam Early Access. Our host rants about Konami constantly disappointing fans, along with treating their employees like garbage. Finally the con reporter with many names Eri Kagami of Scarlet Rhapsody helps KBD out with why New Englanders may wanna skip Boston Comic Con in the near-future.


  1. LADYBABY - Nippon Manju (CD single)
  2. Daisuke Ono -  Colorful Lens (from the mini-album Doors)
  3. Wavves - I Wanna Be Dave Grohl (from the Life Sux EP)
  4. Soil & "Pimp" Sessions - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy in mind~ (from the album 6)
  5. MIYAVI (feat. Rob Harvey) - UNITE (from the album THE OTHERS)
  6. The Black Keys - Have Mercy On Me (from the Chulahoma EP)
  7. toe - My Little Wish (from the album Hear You)

With nary a wardrobe malfunction in sight, it's No Borders No Race: Episode Kyu-Juu-Hachi!

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Special thanks to Kira Mesman-Hallman of Stride PR for setting up the Witch Beam interview

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