With Blueonic away, the King shall play...some kickass music!

It's another edition of No Borders No Race, featuring some great selections of artists from Japan and America (with some assistance from our friend and Molice manager Tom Melesky). Check out the playlist below to see what's in store:

  1. Maximum the Hormone - Rock Oreimairi ~3 Chord de Omae Full Bocco~ (from the album Yoshu Fukushu)
  2. Red Sun - Romantic Star (from the album Romantic Star)
  3. Rolly Mingwald - Sleepover (Up all night) (from the EP The New Girl)
  4. Rokushiki - Shurabada Boogie (from the album A969’R)
  5. Nacano - NEW WORLD (from the album DIL)
  6. Andrew Tyrone Rodgers - Plastic Hands (from the album The Passing Of Time)
  7. icon girl pistols - crushed beneath the wheels (official website)
  8. Sipmoc - Todome Sasu Soundkilla ~ El escorpion ~ (from the album Route 357 Sound Machine!!)
  9. As The Sparrow - Graveraft (from the album Porchstep Songs)
  10. Harp & Soul - Aitakute (from the EP Lemongrass)
  11. aeronauts - FUNKENSTEIN (from the EP ReadyMade)
  12. Active Knowledge - A Broken Man Suddenly Finds Himself in the Wrong Dimension (from the EP The New Sciences)
  13. Tecimerico - Landscape (from the album Landscape)
  14. Honeydew - You're My Story (from the album Don't Know Where)
  15. The Folks Below - Nightmare (from the album The Folks Below)

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The Boston Bastard Brigade kindly encourages you to support these artists, and buy their songs/album. You can find the majority of these releases on JapanFiles, CDJapan.co.jp, Amazon.com, iTunes, the bands' official websites and (in some cases) at your local record stores.

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