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September 2011

King Baby Duck and Anvil come together to bring you Bastards, Bastettes and Wenches another short, informative show.

Ugly Americans is one of the funniest cartoons to come out stateside, thanks in part to its inventive characters, humorous storylines and one-liners. When word got out that there would be a video game tie-in called Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon coming out for the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade I got genuinely excited. Alas, my excitement died down quickly when I started playing it.

With Blueonic absent the other two Bastards march on to bring you a brand-new episode.

The video game collaboration between Studio Ghibli (Porco Rosso, Spirited Away, Ponyo) and Level-5 (Professor Layton series) is heading stateside.

Saying the hype for Dead Island was big is a great understatement. Gamers and developers rushed like moths to the lantern to see the most-talked about video game trailer in recent memory, greatly anticipating the sort of zombie title we've been craving for years. After months of waiting we have finally arrived at our Dead Island destination. Is this the Left 4 Dead meets Dead Rising title we've been craving, or is it something a lot more?

After years of waiting, footage from Rockstar's upcoming Max Payne sequel has arrived.

MMA takes center stage in another short episode from the Bastards.

The trouble with trilogies is that each time someone wants to do a sequel they mainly focus on making things bigger and better, only to forego the true spirit of the original and leaving the follow-ups to be as soulless as the corpse of James Brown. Fortunately these issues rarely show up in the gaming world, where developers return to their favorites to properly figure out what they did wrong last time and how they can better the property at hand. While the Killzone series has so far been nearly faultless there have been times during gameplay where you just wanna throw the controller at the TV and light up every curse word you can think of. Killzone 3, on the other hand, eases these frustrations, thanks in part to its edge-of-your-seat mayhem, great mechanics and amazing overall appearance. However there are some things about the latest Killzone that have left me feeling uneasy...

Because they know you'd like to recover from the Labor Day weekend the Bastards present a new bite-sized episode for your consumption.

The Japanese underground music movement is hard to both describe and showcase, let alone the J-POP scene itself. Director Lewis Rapkin can only try, and in Live From Tokyo he and his film crew seeks through every crevice of the Japanese capital to capture its true essence. What we get out of it is a very unique look of a thriving and awe-inspiring music community.