GAME REVIEW | Returning To The Sexy Bloodshed In "Onee Chanbara" Remake

The OneChanbara series is what I would gladly label a guilty pleasure. It lacks the character development of Senran Kagura,...

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GAME REVIEW | Sacrificing Story for Action in "Utawarerumono: ZAN"

While the West is finally getting to experience the Utawareumono series with the remake due out next year, it was...

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GAME REVIEW | Pinball Gets Frisky in "Senran Kagura: Peach Ball"

While fans continue to wait for Senran Kagura SEVEN, they have a few options to tide them over: the PC...

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GAME REVIEW | Ridding The Undead Is Commonplace For "School Girl/Zombie Hunter"

Long ago, there were two series of games born from the the Simple 2000 line of games made in Japan....

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No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Roku-Juu-Ni

After a series gets spoiled for him, King Baby Duck complains about the lack of artistic integrity in the Grammy...

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The B3 Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Special!

The holiday season is upon us, which means that you're probably stuck trying to figure out what to get everyone...

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GAME REVIEW | Smooth Clothing Destruction In "Shinovi Versus"

It's been awhile since the 2014 release of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus on the PlayStation Vita. Knowing that the series seems...

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E3 2015 | Opposing Forces Team Up In "Senran Kagura" 3DS Sequel

The Playstation 4 isn't the only place the girls of Senran Kagura are hitting this year. On August 11 the next...

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E3 2015 | Fan-Service Filled "Estival Versus" Offers Surprisingly Fun Combat

If there's one word the Senran Kagura series knows nothing of, it's subtle. Filled to the brim with fan-service games,...

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