The Duck Amuck in Japan gang gives thanks to a new episode, even though King Baby Duck's Thanksgiving food selections are very, very slim. Our Japan resident stumbles upon a secret Banksy shop close to his apartment, and AFLM's favorite

In the cuisine critics realm, there are two kinds of people. First you have your foodies, the ones who basically brag about all of the different kinds of meals they have while putting flare over respectable taste. Then you have

It's not every day when you can watch an anime that showcases something so enticing that the images shown will make you want to lick the TV screen. Food Network programming may result in a reaction such as this, but

Yesterday I went to the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival. It's a beautiful thing to pay for a ticket walk in and just start mowing, om-noming, and stuffing my face with food. Now I know why people in other countries hate Americans: it's because we have food festivals like this!

Had a hard time following along with the Bastard recipes on yesterday's Podcast? No problem! Here they all are in written form!

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This week Blueonic, King Baby Duck and Anvil went to the Five Guys restaurant chain. Here now are perspectives of the restaurant from all three of them.