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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 46 | Altar of Eris

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 46 | Altar of Eris

Beneath the fog of Seattle, Washington -- standing side-by-side with the likes of HALLOWS -- is Altar of Eris. The music feels simplistic, but deep within it is a complicated mentality. Vocalist Travis Stanley speaks in vampiric poetry, as bassist Nick Trimmer and drummer/guitarist Brandon Bannister fills the air with synth and distorted rhythm. Their latest EP Isolation is like a Hammer Films horror flick in audio form, brimming with style and looking back with a don't-give-a-fuck glare in its eyes. Now with a hunger for blood, Altar of Eris is taking over this week's Shameless Tuesdays playlist!

Here's what Altar of Eris has to say about this week's playlist:

We chose these songs for a multitude of reasons, primarily we are hoping to put a spotlight on emerging artists in our scene from the northwest states and abroad but, also to inform our listeners about the kinds of bands that help influence our sound as well. Many of the artists we chose, share a like-minded sense of dark music, existentialism, and broader musical influences with us. We are particularly happy to have artists such as Hallows, Xibling, Physical Wash, and Dancing Plague on this playlist with us as they are heavy hitters in our local scene right now.

There are a handful of larger artists within this playlist that we just could not leave out because of the impact they have on our sound, groups like Lebanon Hanover, The Soft Moon, All Your Sisters, and Foie Gras. These contemporary artists play a huge role in how we craft our music both at a sonic level and as feelings we look to convey in our music. The dedication to darker and more experimental sounds is something we believe to share in common with all of these artists. We hope you enjoy the playlist and get to hear some new great music!

Best regards,

Altar of Eris

For more information on Altar of Eris, visit their official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out their Isolation EP below via their Bandcamp!

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