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January 2020

Sex humor is normally some of the easiest comedy to do. But to be considered the best, one must be smart with it. Big Mouth is a fine example of this, as it tackles the things that sex education is

Two voice-acting powerhouses are heading to the New England area, as Anime Boston 2020 welcomes Brittany Lauda and Matt Shipman to the ever-growing roster of guests! Brittany Lauda is best known for playing Ichigo in DARLING in the FRANXX, Yuzuriha in

The Boston Bastard Brigade, Pop Culture Bento, The Cartoon Cipher, AsianCrush, Black Girls Anime, Anime Amino, and The Ramen Pack Media sit down for a candid and informative chat with voice actor Todd Haberkorn! Hear about his thoughts on Asian

I am beginning to suspect that Kaori Ozaki has a slight problem with pacing. Her recent work The Golden Sheep started out on a pretty good foot, with its characters in the midst of conflict and self-destruction. But after reading

Japan had its turn, and now it's time for the rest of the planet to impress us with what they gave us musically! Join King Baby Duck and Wicked Anime's AFLM as they count down their favorite albums of 2019!

This year's Anime Boston will be rocking hard for sure, as the convention today announced that Japanese band GIRLFRIEND will be coming to the annual event! GIRLFRIEND is a Japanese rock band made up of members MIREI on vocal & drums,

Kunihiko Ikuhara is a storytelling madman. On the surface, his anime works like Yurikuma Arashi and Sarazanmai are zany nonsensical tales filled with weird imagery and sexual undertones. But then something comes along, pulls the rug right under the viewers,

Children’s television can be a fickle thing in Japan. Most of the time, things that would be considered for all ages over there may be more appropriate for teens and young adults in the rest of the world. Shows like