King Baby Duck is getting pumped up for Anime Expo, but anime stuff will have to wait in this episode. Good Omens finally gets a TV adaptation, and Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote has finally been brought to the big screen! Have both of these adaptations been worth the thirty-year wait? Then zombies hit an awkward town in Jim Jarmusch's latest comedy The Dead Don't Die! Plus, our host shares some big announcements regarding ElectricSistaHood and this very podcast.

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. noodles - GOAT HEAD (from the album I'm not chic)
  2. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Bronze Master (from the album Chicken Zombies)
  3. Methodical Beast - Daylight (digital single)
  4. GACKT - Koakuma Heaven (from the album RE:BORN)
  5. STANCE PUNKS - LET IT ROCK (from the album BUBBLEGUM VIKING) [out of print]
  6. Figure Walking - Blue World [Tulipomania/Richard Hartline Remix] (digital single)
  7. Yumi Hara, Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi and Aoi Yūki - Isekai Girls Talk (CD single)
  8. SPITZ - Yasei no Polka (from the album Chiisana Ikimono)
  9. Para Lia - On My Way Home (from the "Hawk Hill" single)
  10. 54 Nude Honeys - I'm Rubber Man (from the album Drop the Gun) [out of print]
  11. Mia REGINA - VICTORY (from the album RE! RE!! RE!!!)
  12. the_Stampede - Mind Evaporator (from the album A Marvel of Idiocy)
  13. NICO Touches the Walls - KAIZOKU? (from the album QUIZMASTER)

It's not the arrival of the Antichrist! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Ni-Hyaku-Ni-Juu-San!

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