After a couple weeks of post-con stuff, King Baby Duck returns with his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch and the recently-released PlayStation VR. Treading on dangerous waters, our host shares his very blunt thoughts on the recent Fox TV remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and it's not sunshine and rainbows in the very least. Finally, one of our favorite manga series comes to an end...


  1. Band-Maid - Look at Me (from the album Brand New Maid)
  2. Fujifabric - Ginga (from the album Fab Fox)
  3. Hello Casanova - I'll Be Waiting (digital single) [available on November 25]
  4. head phones president - Light to Die (from the album Alteration)
  5. X Japan - Miscast (from the album Jealousy)
  6. Dyr Faser - Kōsō Biru (from the Trio EP)
  7. nano.RIPE - Snow Drop (from the album Space Echo)
  8. Teriyaki Boyz - The Takeover (from the album Beef or Chicken?) [out of print]
  9. Daniel Land - New York Boogie-Woogie (from the album In Love With A Ghost) [available on November 25]
  10. envy - Blue Moonlight (from the album Atheist's Cornea)
  11. Electric Eel Shock - SWEET55 (from the album Sweet Generation) [available in 2017]

Dammit, Janet! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Yon-Juu-Hachi!

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