After an army of con fanatics stormed the gates of the PAX East registration site, King Baby Duck offers a quick update on a certain band he thought had long disbanded. Then our host gives his first impressions of Star Wars Battlefront and Yo-Kai Watch, and dives into his reason why it may be hard for him to review the anime series Mr. Osomatsu. Finally news hits that Gravity Falls is coming to an end, as KBD gives a fair reason on why we shouldn't be so upset.


  1. Galileo Galilei - Bonnie and Clyde (from the "Climber" single)
  2. Eastern Youth - Voice (from the album What Can You See from Your Place)
  3. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Sunday Afternoons On Wisdom Ave (from the album The Magic of Youth)
  4. head phones president - Live With (from the album Alteration)
  5. EGOIST - Door (from the "Reloaded" single)
  6. Queens of the Stone Age - Ode To Clarissa (from the album Rated R [Deluxe Edition])
  8. Love Psychedelico - Unchained (from the album Love Psychedelico Orchestra)
  9. The Kills - Fuck the People (from the album Keep on Your Mean Side)
  10. The Blue Hearts - EIYUU NI AKOGARETE (from the album Young and Pretty)
  11. Apocalyptica & VAMPS - Sin In Justice (digital single)

Don't forget your grappling hook! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Juu!

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