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GAME REVIEW | A True Vault Hunting Adventure In "Tales from the Borderlands"

GAME REVIEW | A True Vault Hunting Adventure In "Tales from the Borderlands"

It's been quite a long ride since Tales from the Borderlands launched nearly a year ago, with a large gap in-between the first two episodes. Thankfully once Episode Two launched the last three episodes came out on a more consistent and swifter timetable. The game is finished in totality with Episode Five now, and as for me, it's been worth the wait to play it all at once. Tales From The Borderlands is a grand adventure here, with nary a problem.

The story begins with you playing as a middle management man at Hyperion named Rhys. He is wandering on Pandora looking for stuff when he is kidnapped by a masked person. The masked individual asks him along with another person, Fiona, to divulge the whole truth of their history and all the events leading up to Rhys' life up to this point. The game then shifts to past events while occasionally flashing forward at points.


The tale all starts when Rhys, wanting to get back at his rival, decides to screw over his new boss by following a lead to get a Vault Key, all in hopes of getting rich. Of course, things go to hell quickly. Soon Rhys and his group of friends find themselves on a real adventure to find a real vault. Rhys also has to battle the literal voice in his head while getting bandits and Hyperion goons off of his back. The perspective shifts to Fiona and her sister Sasha at times, and the way the game splits perspectives and reveals just how everything comes together is well-executed.

While episodes 1-4 are all well and good with plenty of jokes and cool scenes, Episode Five is what the game is really building up too. Even the conclusions to Telltale's other games aren't as grand in scale as this entry. Although the game doesn't diverge in plot widely, the team you are able to assemble will have a variety of options depending on how you dealt with previous encounters in the game. Despite who you pick, though, the climax has a lot of cool sequences with a load of neat references that are sure to make gamers smile and grin.


The only real issue I saw with Tales From The Borderlands might just be limited to my rig or the platform I played it on. Often times the dialog will disappear briefly before coming back, and it might be hard to read what character's are saying at times. Timing for the subtitles also can be off at times, as well. Outside of that there aren't any problems with the game, unless you shed a tear for some of the things that happen in the game. (If so, that must just be proof of the title's good storytelling.)

The graphics, music, and voice-acting all come together to make for an adventure game that does justice to the world of Pandora in a way not even the series proper can. If you are a fan of the world of Borderlands or adventure games, it's a title definitely worth checking out.



The Good – The game has a story that was sorely missing in the main series, and it's done well.
The Bad – Some of the things that happen in the game will make you sad.
The Ugly – Dialog boxes often disappear and reappear as a part of a glitch.

Summary: Telltale's Tales From The Borderlands is the best depiction of the Borderlands series, one that truly brings the world of Pandora to life.

FINAL GRADE: 9.5 (out of ten)

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