King Baby Duck gives thanks to the ladies of Shonen Knife, and mourns the loss of a place considering something of a landmark for the B3/NBNR crew. Reviews of the anime No Game No Life and Richard Linklater's film Boyhood are presented, and scorn is thrown at websites praising shitty works of art.


  1. Shonen Knife - Fortune Cookie (from the album Overdrive)
  2. ZAZEN BOYS - RIFF MAN (from the album Zazen Boys III)
  3. Swimbear - Deep Dive (official Bandcamp)
  4. DJ Sashimi - Japanese Girl In New York (from the compilation album I Love J-ROCK)
  5. bloodthirsty butchers - Goth (from the album Youth)
  6. As the Sparrow - The Painter's Wife (official Bandcamp)
  7. avengers in sci-fi - Citizen Song (from the album Unknown Tokyo Blues)
  8. abingdon boys school - Fre@k $HoW (from the single Innocent Sorrow)
  9. GWAR - Murderers Muse (from the album Beyond Hell)
  10. Cornelius - Perfect Rainbow (from the album The First Question Award[out of print]
  11. noodles - perfect day (from the album Funtime) [out of print]

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