Maybe it's because I entered it with the lowest expectations possible, or perhaps I've been so desensitized by the plethora of horrid movie-based video games seen by my own eyes, but my time with Aliens: Colonial Marines was mediocre at best. Is it a terrible game? Most definitely. The worst? Not quite. But can a game that promised the world but gave us only a tiny deserted island still have its fun moments?

Taking place after the events of the 1986 Aliens film we find a new set of Colonial Marines heading into space to find some survivors. What they wind up discovering are not just those nasty Xenomorphs, but also soldiers contracted by Weyland-Yutani, who are using marine survivors as hosts to new Xenomorphs. (Why on earth they wish to grow more of them, I have no idea.) Walker, O'Neal, and the rest of the team decide to put a stop to Weyland-Yutani's deeds, while at the same time search for a way off of the planet.

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