It must be tough for Kim Swift. She could not have even predicted the monster she helped design over at Valve would go on to be a gaming classic. After leaving Valve she went to join Airtight Games, whose last game Dark Void was met with mediocre reviews and some disappointment. With her puzzle-loving schemes she lead her new comrades onward to create a game that treaded familiar ground, while at the same time opened up new doors into the realm of imaginative mechanics. This game would be Square Enix's Quantum Conundrum, a game that does all it can to step away from its Aperture Science brother's shadow.

Quantum Conundrum has you take control of a young lad, whose uncle Professor Fitz Quadwrangle (voiced by John de Lancie, AKA Frank Simmons) has gotten himself trapped inside a pocket dimension due to a failed experiment. The Professor's mansion has now been caught in a massive flux between multiple dimensions, and it is up to you to reverse the damage done by your uncle. To do that, you are given a glove that can switch through these multiple dimensions, as well has help solve puzzles and restart the power generators.

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