November 2009


Seeing that I finally have a break from the thing called college, I’m able to bring you this game demo of “Tropico 3.”


After the release of “Resident Evil 5” on the 360 and PS3, it should’ve been no time at all (or, rather, eight months after) when the Wii would finally get its Evil on this year.  Here it arrives in the form of “The Darkside Chronicles,” the sequel to the 2007 semi-hit “The Umbrella Chronicles.”

What happens when four guys and three girls press the Record button in an underground intimate area?  Nothing dirty at all.  Perverts!

Another journey through time and space may be upon us.

A.D.D. will happen when a certain cat-girl is in the room!

Is February 9th too far a time to watch one of the best anime series of the decade?  FUNimation helps to sooth the pain away.

Two of Stan Lee's most beloved characters are ready to take on the Japanese public!

Tremble in fear, rock world.  The kings of rockabilly punk are back!

Two of the Bastards wore kilts during the recording of this episode.  Guess who it is and win absolutely nothing!