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If I Were El Presidente I Would Kill Pen Ultimo

If I Were El Presidente I Would Kill Pen Ultimo


Seeing that I finally have a break from the thing called college, I’m able to bring you this game demo of “Tropico 3.”

All right with sitting and watching the intro, it felt kind of crappy on the graphics, especially watching the guy run up to a fence under gun fire, to blow the fence up. Then it goes through a montage of going through the years of 1949 to 1982. In 1962 I guess a Nuke went off, which is pretty good on the graphics, and I love watching the priest being aggravated at the whole thing going off. But that’s what you get from me being an atheist.

With being in the game I was impressed by the way the graphics were handled on doing lands and buildings, but how the people were designed in it wasn’t that great. With me I think technology is so great today, that we need to kick things up a notch, especially with the video graphics.

This game resembles what the gaming community or I would probably perceive it as an RTS (Real Time Strategy). But it’s not your normal real time strategy; it’s as if you were playing SimCity all over again. You have to have more interaction with what’s actually going on with the people in the town, and then put it together and just watch buildings change after awhile. Usually people get bored of the damn game and destroy it with a few tornadoes, volcanoes, and everything else on the list of disasters of the world, and then just rebuild it again.

Yet this game isn’t like that.  They have it set up for you to build, create jobs, interact with the people of Tropico, set wages for business, go into the businesses to put the wages up or change what is required for the jobs such as education and, along with the fun parts of running businesses… firing people. Take that Pedro, you lazy good for nothing bastard, who’d rather complain while not properly doing your job. Believe me: if you’re able to try out the tutorial on the demo, you would understand what I’m talking about. If you have the patience, time or overall desire to play this game because you played the other ones, try it out; but it would be surprising for you not to get bored with this game.

In order for me to do this article I had to keep coming back to the game.  That’s how much of a pain in the ass and how bored I had become with this game. But the other thing that was getting on my nerves was the damn advisor/biotech of El Presidente. His name is Pen Ultimo, and let’s just say keep your volume down on your TV/surround sound system.  His greeting can cause you a headache. That would be another reason to hate this game, because of the audio. While Pen Ultimo is speaking, the Cuban-type music (go ahead ridicule me on the fact I don’t know what the music is because I simple can’t care) was too loud for me to hear him half the time.  I believe there was a Settings section, but like I said it was hard to keep playing the game because it was just so annoying.  It was as if I was crawling in mud with barbwire above me, and someone was firing an M60 machine gun overhead. Hell, I think that would be more fun than this game. I will give “Tropico 3” a thumb down on one hand and a middle finger on the other.

Final Thoughts on “Tropico 3”:

I feel that we have gotten pass the concepts of having the bird’s eye view of everything, and why couldn’t they have actually made a capable game with the first-person view. On the controls, this was another pain in the ass because you had to remember every damn button set up in order to play the game. From doing research on the game comparing PC to Xbox360, it’s doing much better on the PC; because you got your key board and mouse, and you’re able to move around things faster. Whereas dealing with your Xbox 360 controller, it deals with -- oh let’s say rough estimate of -- 14 controls. It can’t compare to a PC. Now one thing I might suggest to Microsoft is that if you’re the ones making all this stuff for computers, why the hell you can’t design a keyboard and mouse for the 360. Okay, I know there is a 360 keyboard to connect to the controller. But seeing I got really big thumbs it’s kind of like texting on a small ass keypad. So I plead that Microsoft creates a keyboard and mouse setup.

If you would like to see more on Topico 3 check out their website at:


Developers: Kalypso/Haemimont Games

Consoles:  PC (already on shelves), Xbox 360 (comes out 2/2/2010)

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