Soul Eater

Brittney Karbowski Announced As Second American Guest For Anime Boston 2020

Making her first appearance at Anime Boston 2020, voice actor Brittney Karbowski has been announced as the second North American guest...

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BONES Founder Masahiko Minami Heading to Anime Boston 2017

Anime Boston 2017 just dropped a huge bombshell of a guest announcement, with Studio BONES founder Masahiko Minami set to appear...

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NBNRetrospective | The Top 50 Anime of 2006-2015 (Part Two)

These last ten years the anime realm has given us action-packed battles, slice-of-life stories viewers can relate to, surprisingly heart-wrenching...

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WISH LIST | Import Wii Titles Deserving of a US eShop Rerelease

The following is an expanded piece originally discussed on Episode 78 of No Borders No Race. Nintendo is now slowly...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Nana-Juu-Hachi

King Baby Duck pays tribute to the late ORIGA, before going head-on with the recent controversy involving the New England...

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FUNimation Unleashes Soul Eater

Is February 9th too far a time to watch one of the best anime series of the decade?  FUNimation helps...

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