No Guns Life

Fall 2019 Anime Recap: The Good, The Bad, and the Meh!

I’ll be 100% honest: the anime scene didn’t quite end 2019 (or the 2010s, for that matter) with as big...

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MANGA REVIEW | "No Guns Life" - Volume Two

No Guns Life is a story about a guy with a gun for a head. On any other occasion, this...

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MANGA REVIEW | "No Guns Life" - Volume One

“Somewhere out there, there’s a gun lobbyist getting hot and heavy with a tobacco lobbyist over this.” That’s the PG-rated...

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VIZ Media Announces September 2019 Anime & Manga Lineup

Cyborg soldiers, arena fighters, and a ton of Pokémon films are heading our way this September from Viz Media! Check...

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