One-On-One: Jad Saxton

From child scientists to cat caretakers, Jad Saxton has played a smorgasbord of characters throughout her voice acting career. King...

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MANGA REVIEW | A Bolder Collection of Shorts In Second "Helvetica Standard"

Keiichi Arawi has a knack for blending charm, adorability, and some way out there kind of humor into his works....

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MANGA REVIEW | A "Helvetica Standard" In Japanese Non Sequitur

The mere mention of the name Keiichi Arawi will bring the most random of comedic imagery to both anime and...

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ANIME REBUTTAL | Why I Was Wrong About "Nichijou - My Ordinary Life"

Six years ago, I wrote a scathing review of the Kyoto Animation series Nichijou - My Ordinary Life. Based on...

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Weak Characters, Boring Plot Ruin "Ordinary Life"

Let's face it: every slice-of-life anime comedy about nothing wants to be Azumanga Daioh. Lucky Star came close, but its...

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