Maiden Japan

Section23 Films Reveals May 2018 Release Dates

Within the May flowers arrives a bouquet of anime from Section23 Films, including two releases involving the goddess that is truly...

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Section23 Films Reveals January 2018 Release Dates

Volleyball, mysterious artifacts, and one lazy student are what's coming your way in the beginning of 2018, as Section23 Films...

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Section23 Films Reveals November 2017 Release Dates

With the foliage in full swing, Section23 Films brings to November a plethora of releases involving volleyball, a completely flawless...

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Section23 Films Reveals October 2017 Release Dates

The fall season is all about bountiful crops, and like said crops the folks over at Section23 Films have prepared...

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Maiden Japan Licenses "Hinako" OVA Series

Japan's motto seems to be this: if it exists, there's an anime of it. And thus Studio Hibari has brought...

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Section23 Films Reveals September 2017 Release Dates

September may bring the end of summer, but Section23 Films has home video lineup that's as colorful as New England autumn...

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